Settle Community & Business Hub

Unit 1,Commercial Courtyard, Settle, BD24 9RH 07977 040329

What we offer

We provide community & Business support for all in the local area

Low Cost Workshops


Community Drop ins

Our hub is open every tuesday 10am to 4pm and friday 12-5pm for general drop in local information, tea & chats

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Growing & Munching

Regular Events!

If you're interested in joining us. Come along to one of our regular Events! Click below to find out more

Jo Rhodes

Community Munchers

Community Munchers Community lunches will take place on the second and fourth Thursday each month between 10am and 2pm in the small meeting room at

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Jo Rhodes

Settle Soup

Settle Soup Soup Can Change The World 4 Pounds 4 Ideas 4 Minutes Settle Soup and the other  soup events are a powerful tool to

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Our Projects

We offer a wide Variety of Projects including...

Business Support & Networking

Rural Business Support for Rural Businesses

We offer a range of business workshops including Basic Accounting, X, Y and Z training. 

Settle Time Bank

Skill Swaps & Fair Trades!

A spin off from our Settle Soup project. Timebanking was the first idea suggested when we started talking about soups. We already have a great deal of community spirit and volunteer activity in Settle and a lot of interest in the Timebank from individuals, charities, businesses and community groups.

Settle Soup

4 pounds – 4 ideas – 4 minutes

Settle Soup and the other  soup events are a powerful tool to start conversations, grassroots ideas and fund new projects in our communities. They are a mix of dragon’s den, micro fundraiser, social event and lots of soup.