We’ve Been Plotting

The Hub took over an allotment at the end of the Winter – one of Settle Town Council’s plots at Dog Meadow (beyond the Rugby Club and Limestone View).

Here’s what it looks like at the moment. To the left of the picture is a very interesting water feature, full of water cress. It’s a channel that helps to drain water coming down off the hillside behind. We are lucky to have water on site as most of the other allotments have to collect theirs from a stream just to the left of our plot.

When we took over, the grass was high and there wasn’t a lot happening. Since then the grass has been strimmed back, we have planted some heritage apple trees (more on those in another post) and we’ve been doing some DIY – creating a gate and also a compost bin out of old pallets.


We have just received a grant from The Craven Trust which we will be using to buy some recycled plastic raised beds and will be getting those ready over the Winter for planting in the new season.

Talking of planting, we have some compost being made by some new ‘friends’ to help us produce even more goodness for when we can get growing, but that’s another story…







and we have recently planted some fruit trees and plans are in draft to make good use of the space (right hand photo below) including raised beds and a labyrinth.

So, whether you are an experienced grower, would like to learn more about what and how to grow, can give us hand with creating the allotment or sharing tips about how to make a tasty meal from what we grow, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and ‘offer’ your time or ‘spend’ your ‘time’ credits.

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