Settle Timebankers go to County Hall

In February members of Settle Timebank were invited to a lunch at County Hall in Northallerton to celebrate the work of volunteers in North Yorkshire.

The Chair of the council, Val Arnold, was the host for the day and 14 volunteers from 8 local groups were invited. Val gave a tour of the council chamber and a talk about how the council was run before taking us up to her rooms for lunch.  

Jo and Kim with Val Arnold, Council Chair

The previous day it had been announced that several North Yorkshire Community and Voluntary Services were closing as well as some volunteer centres.. so the irony of a lunch to celebrate volunteers was not lost on us.

Whilst the old saying ‘ if you want something done, ask a busy person’ is often repeated in these times of cuts, the mood of the day was that that the voluntary sector was massively over stretched and close to breaking point.

County Hall is an impressive building and has some unusual features..including some vintage toilets.. so here is a picture!

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