Settle Timebank

The Timebank is for people of all ages in Settle and the surrounding villages – anyone living elsewhere but working or studying in Settle is welcome to join. 

The Timebank is based at the new Settle Community and Business Hub in Commercial Courtyard. They will be open for general info on Tuesdays 10-4 and Fridays 12-5 so pop in and find out more about the Timebank

How it works?

In very simple terms Timebanks are skill shares and everyone’s time is equal. One hour doing a task for someone means you earn one time credit which youc an spend on a range of things being offered. There are many ways people can get involved and this cartoon sheet give some suggestions but your offers and wants can be discussed when you meet or have a phone conversation with one of the Timebank Brokers.

Getting Setup with Settle Timebank

We will be available to help people sign up online at the Hub or you can pick up a paper form and drop it through their letter box.

The best schemes have a mix of individuals, businesses, charities, community groups and venues involved and that is what we are aiming for in Settle.

Join Settle Timebank

To sign up you will need to give us some basic information like name, age, address and also provide email or phone numbers for two personal referees who have known you more than two years.