Keeping Covid Safe With Cheese


With the virus having become more virulent we think this graphic ‘The Swiss Cheese Respiratory Virus Pandemic Defence’ (from @uq_news and @kat_arden )  is a very good illustration of how, when all the actions are taken together, we can keep ourselves and others as safe as possible.

As Ian M. MacKay (PHD) says ‘it reorganises slices into personal & shared responsibilities (think of this in terms of all the slices rather than any single layer being most important)’.

As far as staying safe at our support group meet up at the Quakers on Thursdays (10-2), some of our older attenders are starting to have their vaccinations, the small meeting room where we meet is very well ventilated and their is plenty of sanitiser and cleaning being done.

We are aware of social isolation & importance of offering a place to come once a week and will continue for as long as Covid restrictions allow.

Stay safe and do it with cheese!



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