Honeyberries Anyone?

The clue is in the name of course, but honeyberries are new on us and maybe you too? Donated by one of our Timebank members we now have some bushes to plant at the allotment and need to find out more about them.

Where better to turn to than the Royal Horticultural Society which was founded in 1804 and has been providing advice ever since. In addition, the RHS also provides education and training for would be gardeners, administers ‘Britain in Bloom’ , runs the Chelsea Flower Show and has five gardens to visit, the nearest to us being Harlow Carr near Harrogate.

Back to honeyberries…turns out that they are quite a recent introduction to the UK and are a form of honeysuckle. As you can see they are similar to blueberries, and are high in anti-oxidants and vitaman C. They can survive down to an amazing -40 degrees, so we shouldn’t have any problems seeing them fruit again next Spring! Their hardiness can be attributed to their origins – coming from Siberia and Northern China.  A mature plant can produce as much as 6kg of fruit, so we might be jam making next year too.

The other good thing about them is that they fruit quite early, late Spring/early Summer though with flowers coming through in late Winter/early Spring there may not be many pollinators about so we may need to do that by hand – at least that way we will know that it is done.

We are looking forward to seeing more from our newest additions to the allotment.


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