10 Keys For Improving Your Happiness

If you had a ‘GREAT DREAM’ what would it be?

Would it include: Giving – doing things for others, Exercising – taking care of your body, Resilience – finding ways to bounce back and Acceptance – being comfortable with who you are?

These are just some of the ideas that we will be exploring from the guys over at Action for Happiness in a new series of 10 sessions starting on Friday 4th September between 10.30-12Noon, over Zoom.

We have been running Action for Happiness courses for several years and regular Get Togethers following the ideas that can improve our well being and ultimately make us happy – not all of the time of course stuff happens, but enabling us to be more resilient and able to cope, even when times are tough.

 ‘I have attended both the Action for Happiness course and regularly attend the weekly Get Togethers. Especially now with Covid-19 I am finding them invaluable in helping me to stay connected and explore a range of ideas and actions to help my well being’. (A Get Together participant).

The evidence suggests that the ’10 Keys’ that we will be looking at are all areas that affect our happiness and are broadly within our control, rather than being dependent upon our circumstances.

The sessions will be a mix of checking in, looking at the theme for the week, watching a video from an expert relating to that topic, group discussion and an opportunity to set an action to carry out during the week, that we will return to at the beginning of the next.

We have been successfully using Zoom for our current sessions and will continue online for Covid-19 safety reasons.

Places will be limited to 12 – please book your place using Eventbrite here: https://10keys.eventbrite.co.uk

To find out more have a chat with us on 07977 040329 or email hub@settlecommunityandbusinesshub.org.uk.

You can also find out more about Action for Happiness on their website here: https://www.actionforhappiness.org/

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