U.Lab hub at the hub

I have written about U.Lab in a previous blog. The course starts again in mid-September 2017 on the edx website and we will meet up in Settle to watch the live webinars and participate in group coaching sessions and other discussions about the course material. If you have any questions pop in and see Jo at the hub for a chat.

U.Lab is a free online course based on the Theory U methodology (developed by Otto Scharmer and others at MIT) which is a new and innovative way of dealing with change. Otto is regular blogger on Huffington Post and you can see more about  his work on his website http://www.ottoscharmer.com/ The U.Lab course materials encourage participants to view situations from a very different perspective and then consider how they can make changes within their personal lives, organisation or community.

All the materials can be accessed online and worked through by individuals on their own, the emphasis in U.lab is on practicing the learning and making a change in the “real world”.  U.lab encourages participants to connect with others and develop relationships and support locally and globally using online and in-person “coaching circles” and “hubs”  which are local study groups.

I did the course the first time it ran in 2015 and found it absolutely life changing. Several people in Edinburgh working within the Scottish Government did it too and were equally impressed. In subsequent version of the U.Lab course there has been a huge amount of interest and numbers participating in Scotland and here is a video of Kenneth Hogg talking about what they are doing.

Kenneth on #ulabscot from Presencing Institute on Vimeo.

There is a introductory 90 minute online course on edx which gives a flavour of U.Lab and how the ideas behind it are being used in all sorts of  ways. You must complete this course before starting the 'main' one.