Settle Timebank

The Settle Timebank is a big part of what we do at the hub. We are open for general info on Tuesdays 10-4 and Fridays 12-5 so pop in and find out more about the Timebank then. We are starting to hold some Timebanking activities and craft groups where you can sign up, meet people and ask any questions about how it works. These will usually be 3-6pm on a Thursday but keep an eye on the posters in our windows and facebook page for info.

Timebanking is a skill swap scheme where everyone's time is equal. Most things people do are 'good neighbourly' simple tasks and you don't need any special skills to get involved. Whether you are helping someone with their shopping, feeding guinea pigs, assembling bookcases, delivering leaflets, gardening or teaching an art class.. you can earn credits for the time you spend doing these things. You can then spend your time credits on art classes, therapies, help with computers, talks and workshops and much more.

You don't have to do direct swaps with people and this cartoon explains how it works.


We use a simple online system called Time and Talents where you can see who is offering or wanting help..but if you don't want to use that we can talk to you about what tasks are offered or needed. When you do a time trade you can fill in a paper slip, give it to us at the hub and we can add your hours to the system. 

The best schemes have a mix of individuals, businesses, charities, community groups and venues involved and that is what we are aiming for in Settle.

A very simple video from the Paxton Green Timebank below explaining how it all works.

To sign up you will need to give us some basic information like name, age, address and also provide email or phone numbers for two personal referees who have known you more than two years.

 You can register yourself and/or log in to the Settle Timebank through the blue Time and Talents tab on the Timebanking UK page at



Click the blue tab and scroll down to Settle Timebank and click the ‘sign in’ button – you will see the screen below and can click on ‘Become a Member’ on the left hand side to register online. There is also a link to a very short video explaining how the simple software works. For those of you with smart phones there is also an app and you can login using facebook once you are registered with the scheme.


We need to check references for all new members so there will be a short delay before you can use all the features on the Time and Talents software. Any questions just get in touch by email or give us a call on 07977 040329 and we’ll get back to you.

The video below is a quick overview to the Time and Talents software will give you the info you need to get started and get trading your time and skills.

or more info on Timebanking in the UK see

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Thanks for funding from the Stronger Communities Team at North Yorkshire County Council and also from York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership and their Network Ideas Fund. Their financial contributions are going towards a 2 year pilot project and huge thanks also to our volunteer brokers who are making it happen – Sarah, Paul, Sylvia, Sam and me – Jo.