Flexible hotdesking

We realise being self-employed and working from home can be isolating. We also realise that rural internet is still pretty dreadful in many local villages. We have superfast fibre broadband at the hub with speeds of 80-100Mb/s which is pretty fast. If you struggle with slow internet at home then we may be able to help.

If you just want to check your emails or do a bit of online shopping then you are welcome to come in during drop-ins, have a cuppa and just make a donation. If you are interested in using the hub more often then pop in for a chat.You are welcome to come and have a look during our community drop-in events on Tuesdays 10-4 and Fridays 12-5 but Tuesday especially can be quite busy so may not be conducive to work. However, we also realise that if you usually work from home you may be happy to meet people!

We are doing a trial run of flexible hotdesking where people can come in during drop-ins or anytime when the hub is not booked for a fee of £30 a month. Bookings vary from week to week but Mondays, Wednesdays and weekends are generally free - availability can be seen on the hub website http://settlecommunityandbusinesshub.org.uk/bookings-and-availability

If you have any questions get in touch with Jo on 07977 040329 or email on hub@settlecommunityandbusinesshub.org.uk